Jonathan Beninca Testimonials
 Feedback on Jonathan's presentations

“Jonathan was a fantastic presenter, the kids were very engaged and no one spoke throughout the presentation as it was all relevant and entertaining. He needs to be congratulated on his presentation.” 

Chelsea Hudson, teachers, Ashdale Secondary College

“Thank you for offering such a wonderful program. Not only did it let students know of the dangers but also that they only have themselves to blame for their poor choices. Student feedback was that Jon was the best speaker they had heard in a long while and that he ‘was for real’. Students said that it brought a tear to their eye the impact of choices made when you are young.” 

Helen Del Frate, Teacher, Lake Joondalup Baptist College

“All the students and staff members were inspired by Jonathan’s presentation, not only regarding the safety around the train network messages but Jonathan’s delivered  life’s lessons for all of us! Jonathan is more than welcome in our school as often as he will be available.” 

SMYL College

"The message he conveyed was powerful and our students responded very positively to both him and his message. I think some genuinely re-thought their behaviour on and around trains, and towards people like Jonathan, injured when indulging in risky behaviours. The talk was a great introduction into the Right Track program for us." 

Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, 2014

“Although it was a small group the impact of this presentation hit each one of these students in a positive way. Jonathan is a true inspiration to young people by telling his story to positively influence students in making choices that can affect the rest of their lives not just about rail/road safety but in general. His presentation skills, real life examples, inspirational positivity despite the effects of his accident really sent a strong message home to my students about “thinking before they act and make right choices”. All students spoke about the presentation after Jonathan left each giving great feedback about how good he was and how they will now think, but one student in particular who in my opinion may be the most likely to “risk take” as such and take short cuts similar to Jonathan or be easily influenced by mates really benefited from today’s presentation.” 

Olivia Fogarty, Community and Youth Training Services, Stand by Me

“Jonathan Beninca sent a very powerful message to our students regarding safety, travel and choices.  An extremely good presentation and an excellent motivational speaker. Our students were captivated by his presence and engaging talk, providing our students a better, educational understanding of the risks in making different choices.  The Right Track Program provides some wonderful material and activities.” 

Carol Gould, Girrawheen Senior High School

“Jonathan was a very engaging and powerful speaker who really connected with the students and was very natural and honest in his presentation.  The students appreciated his informal style, humour and ability to make fun of himself, while still making his message very strongly. Not only did he raise awareness of rail safety, but also the importance of making positive choices and being responsible for one’s own safety and decisions. This was what really resonated with our students.” 

Jane Putigny, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

"Jon presented at a level and in a manner perfectly suited to our group of boys. One of the best and most important message was about taking responsibility - same thing that needs to be told to all generations. Jon used his story to highlight how to take responsibility for actions and why. Fantastic presentation!" 

Kyle Christie, City of Gosnells – Boys Mentoring Program

"An insightful presentation into risk taking behaviors. Practical "real life" examples given that related to young people, the behaviors they choose and the consequences of risk taking behaviors. Overall I highly support the Right Track program and its value to young people. Thank you." 

Bree Dibdin, COMET Program Youth Futures WA