But don't just take it from us...
 But don't just take it from us...

Ignite Basketball testimonial:

“Right Track have been involved with the Drug Aware Ignite Basketball program for all of our 40 week run in 2014. During that time, they have been a massive support in educating our young people on the dangers of rail safety and etiquette, something that is an absolute priority for us as an organisation. Through several innovative mediums including educational workshops (presented by Jonathan Beninica), Snake Handling, Hip Hop performances and relationship building with transit officers, the information passed on has been unforgettable for both our participants and staff. We have had been extremely fortunate to have them as program partners and look forward to working with them in the future.” 

Jamie Barr, Program Coordinator, Ignite Basketball, 2015


Transit Officer Involvement testimonials:

“I just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of positive incidences with our young people that have been the direct result of our involvement with the Right Track program.  One of our volunteers, a transit officer, attended our program at the Herb Graham Centre and was confronted with a group of young people who he had dealt with in his role as a Transit Officer.  These 5 young people were known to the Transit Officers as a result of anti-social behavior over a long period of time, which resulted in damage to Public Transport Authority property.  The officer was able to engage these young people in the capacity of a support person for our program and as a consequence was sitting down helping them with their schoolwork within a couple of hours.” 

Debbie Shires, Training Coordinator, Community and Youth Training Services 2015

Urban Art workshops – Student testimonials

“The purpose of the “Right Track” urban art program is to pair internationally recognized artists with young people to  experience what it’s like to work on a professional project creating a piece of professional art in the form of graffiti. 

This project gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and use them in a positive, creative way. Graffiti has always been something I have been interested in and I am very grateful I was able to participate in this program as it’s given me a different perspective on how to be creative. I also hope to use the experience in the future as I intend to use some of the images to make a portfolio of my work and then potentially go onto to study art in TAFE. “ 

Student 1, (name withheld) from Community and Youth Training Services, 2015

“I got a lot out of the Right Track program mainly the opportunity to do the program and it made me see graffiti in a positive way and helped me get better at my art. I was proud of myself for doing the mural. There was two artists who came to speak to us and I thought they were interesting, the way they did their art and how they planned things and the program also made me think to do the right things and think before I do my art. I now think that it’s not worth going to jail or getting fines over illegal graffiti because it’s better to do graffiti in a positive way because you can get paid a lot of money for doing professional murals and other legal art. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity that I will hopefully use in the future to develop a career in art!” 

Student 2 (name withheld) from Community and Youth Training Services, 2015

Urban Art workshops – teacher feedback

“They enjoyed it greatly and they are so proud of their work, all of my students took theirs home and have them up in their rooms. Thanks again for the fabulous opportunity “ 

Aisha Barnard, CGEA trainer, Community and Youth Training Services, 2014

“Thanks so much for giving them the opportunity. It really was great for them and they advised me they really loved it and got loads out of it!” 

Olivia Fogarty, CYTS, 2015

“Thank you so much for giving some of our students the opportunity to participate in the urban art project.” 

Kirsty Low, SMYL Community College, 2015