Millennium Kids Partnership

Right Track has worked with Millennium Kids (MK) since 2006 to refine our approach and make sure we work directly with young people every step of the way.Through their youth2youth forums for the PTA, we’ve been able to talk to more than 5000 young people about issues affecting them in their community and specifically around public transport.After talking to heaps of young people MK are the ones who convinced us that snake-handling and public transport were a perfect match! We’re glad we listened. Snake-handling helps create a positive relationship between the Transit Officers and the kids using the train system by bringing EVERYONE out of their comfort zone!

Millennium Kids also makes things happen for young people who get involved in Right Track projects. Because of MK’s partnership with Challenger TAFE, some of our participants can even go on to receive leadership certificates. Others have graduated to be MK mentors, and even find paid work-experience helping other young people.

Right Track have also recently worked with MK to create a DVD for youth highlighting the importance of rail safety and respect. The production gave young people the chance to become storytellers, film directors and actors telling their own stories and was hugely successful!

Check out the video here: