Urban Art Project

Graffiti is an ongoing and expensive problem faced not only by the Public Transport Authority (PTA), but by the entire community.

PTA spends approximately $2.5 million annually removing graffiti and window scratchings. This represents $6,850 a day of taxpayer money spent cleaning up after vandals who systematically deface assets provided for the benefit of the whole community.

In an effort to reduce the incidence of graffiti on public transport infrastructure, the PTA established the Urban Art program in June 2008. The goal of the program is to identify and transform graffiti hotspots into public works of art by professional and respected urban artists.

Urban Art also plays a significant role in addressing related broader community issues by including and educating early or potential at risk offenders. Through workshops, and by giving involved youths a chance to participate in creating the final piece of art, these young people have an opportunity to channel their energies into legal art activities, gain a sense of ownership and recognition and reduce the likelihood of the site being targeted again in the future.

The PTA acknowledges there is a huge difference between self-expression in urban art and graffiti, which serves only the purpose of being destructive. The Urban Art project gives young people an opportunity to legally create urban art while working with, and learning from, recognised artists.

Since the project commenced a number of graffiti hotspots have been successfully transformed into public art. Urban Art has also reduced the level of trespass and graffiti on the network overall.

For more information on upcoming opportunities contact PTA’s Right Track officer on 9326 2055 or email therighttrack@pta.wa.gov.au

To see some of our past projects visit our online gallery showing all the public art on our network visit


Urban Art