Be on the Safe Side
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The Public Transport Authority (PTA) and TrackSAFE Education are pleased to announce a collaboration between the PTA’s Right Track program and TrackSAFE’s Be on the Safe Side program.

These programs aim to work together to offer an appropriate activity for teachers to use for their secondary students, no matter what their learning requirements may be.

Statistics show that, tragically, too many preventable deaths and serious injuries are occurring on the rail network each year due to complacency, peer pressure and lack of knowledge or skills to stay safe. Quality rail safety education is a crucial tool to help reduce risk taking behaviour.  

Focussing on dangerous or anti-social behaviour around the public transport system in Perth, Right Track takes a holistic approach to risk and consequences of actions. Right Track is currently endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) and counts towards one point for the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

Be on the Safe Side has strong links to the Australian Curriculum Learning Areas of English; Health & Physical Education; and The Arts (Drama). It can be easily inserted into existing teaching programs. It aims to improve students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards rail safety using a strengths-based approach.

Visit the TrackSAFE education website for more information or to download the teacher resources.