What we're about

Right Track is a Public Transport Authority (PTA) program that’s all about safer travel and encourages young passengers to become more responsible for their own safety and to make positive choices. 

Our aim is to help young people understand why there is a code of behaviour for public transport by looking at the rights and responsibilities of all passengers. We do this through our youth engagement activities as well as through our school education program which is endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. 

Right Track focuses on listening to what youth have to say about public transport and working with communities to provide safe travel for everyone. Between 2006 and 2008, in partnership with youth organisation Millennium Kids, the PTA consulted with more than 5000 young people about their community and transport issues that affected them. This work helped refine our approach which continues to evolve and adapt based on what young people tell us to this day. 

Our goal is to help mentor and educate young people on the positive roles they can play in their community. To do this we offer transit officers, train drivers, and motivational speaker Jonathan Beninca to speak to students about the consequences of anti-social behaviour on the public transport system. Since 2006, more than 100,000 students across the metropolitan area have participated in a Right Track presentation, which has helped to reduce the levels of unsafe and anti social behaviour on the public transport network.

The PTA is responsible for designing, building and maintaining transport infrastructure and providing customer-focused, safe and cost-effective passenger transport services, through the below services: 

Transperth - Rail, bus and ferry services in the metropolitan area, 

Transwa - Coach and rail passenger services to regional areas (TransWA); and 

School bus services - Providing eligible rural students and students with special needs free Transport Assistance to travel to and from school on contracted ‘orange’ school buses.